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Sport 431

Sport 431

Polypropylene injected high resistance roof box lid, dark gray, with partially embossed finishes. The box is completely waterproof and treated to withstand UV radiation and scratches. The bottom, black injected polypropylene, has plastic fins inside to prevent accidental movement of the load. The box is equipped with a central locking system with side lock and a frontal locking hook.
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Injection-molded technical polymer box.

A super-strong box made by injection molding, with variable sections to give extra strength where needed and with anti-UV additives for long life.

  • Safety hook

    In addition to three-point central locking, the box is equipped with a front safety hook.

  • Larger side opening

    The convenient side opening allows even bulky bags or 1 stroller to fit inside the Box. The compasses and springs that hold the box open and connect the lid to the bottom are made of steel.

  • Rapid attachment

    The system allows quick installation on all types of roof bars. The hook system is compatible with bars up to 70 mm wide. The T-bolt system, also included, allows installation on all bars equipped with T-track, width 20.

  • Piar of keys

    2 keys provided for central locking.

Elegance, safety and space without compromise.

Roof box with lid made of injection-molded dark gray polypropylene with a partially embossed finish. The box is completely waterproof and treated to resist UV radiation and scratches. The bottom, made of injection-molded black polypropylene, has plastic fins on the inside to prevent accidental cargo movement. The box is equipped with a centralized side lock and a front security hook.