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Tetrax X2 Pink

Tetrax X2 Pink

Our best-seller X2 declined for women, combining the simplicity and versatility of Tetrax products with the uniqueness of hand-painted cork. Each X2 Pink is a unique piece, with a hand-painted cork surface that makes it chic and gives a touch of femininity to your car. Thanks to the 'stick & stay' clip, you can use the X2 support directly with your cover.

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Tetrax X2 Pink

The main characteristics of X2 Pink are its elegance and the high attention paid on details. Check on your own!

  • Adjustable grade

    Thanks to the spherical base, Tetrax X2 Pink guarantees the possibility of positioning your device according to the preferred inclination.

  • Versatility

    Benefit from the double funcionality: positioned in the air vent or on your car surface by means of the non-damaging high-performance 3m sticker, your smartphone will always be at your fingertips!

  • Double clip

    To adapt to your preferences, Tetrax X2 is equipped with both a 'stick & stay' clip, to be placed inside the cover, so as to be completely invisible, and an adhesive clip, to be applied directly on the device or on the cover of the smartphone.

  • No interferences

    The patented system with opposing poles ensures maximum attraction and the total absence of interference with electronic media.

Made in Italy.

Synonymous with quality, attention to raw materials and elegant design. X2 is a sought-after product built to last.